SIETAR Italia workshop

A free SIETAR Italia workshop

THURSDAY 26 NOVEMBER 2020 - from 16.00 to 17.30

Anderson House Bergamo is happy to invite you to a free SIETAR Italia workshop which will be held on Zoom


Facilitators: Peter Anderson, Fina D’Alessandro and Davide Floridi


In this workshop, we will do an activity on Belgium and Canada called Cultural Values Contrast to examine and compare values in the two cultures. Davide will present his research on the differences between the Belgians and Canadians by analysing the website  Once we have an understanding of the values of the two cultures, we will reflect on the value of feedback, ways of giving and responding to feedback and how it differs in different cultures. We will watch a video in which both positive and developmental feedback is given to a team member in a company context from the coursebook Communicating Across Cultures by Bob Dignen of York Associates. Finally, we will try out an experiential activity on how to be assertive impersonating a Belgian and a Canadian. The aim of the roleplay is to try out giving both positive and developmental feedback as a way to build mutual understanding, respect and trust in diverse intercultural contexts. This workshop is free, however, if you wish to support SIETAR Italia you may make a donation to the association: our mission is the promotion of intercultural awareness in Italy. The workshop will be in English and French.


Peter Anderson helps teenage and adult students to use English interculturally and runs intercultural courses for companies to support them in their effort to confront the global challenge. He first trained to deliver intercultural workshops (DITS) at LTS Bath in 2005. He was accredited for the DPI in 2008. In 2013 he was trained to deliver the ICE at ELC Frankfurt. He was born and brought up in Britain by a French mother and an Irish father and moved to Italy with his family as a teenager. He grew up trilingual and was faced with intercultural issues from a young age. His siblings live in Germany and he also speaks some German. He has been teaching English in Bergamo since 1978 and owns Anderson House – a private language school which he founded in 1996. Anderson House are Founder Members of SIETAR Italia.


Fina D’Alessandro was born in La Louviere, Belgium from Sicilian parents. She was brought up speaking Italian and French and was faced with intercultural issues from a young age. She went to the University of Mons, where she studied French Language and History and trained to become a language teacher. She moved to Italy for love: she met her future husband on holiday. She has lived in Bergamo since 1997 with her Bergamasque husband and her teenage daughter. She has taught French at Anderson House since 2007.


Davide Floridi is a student of engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan. He has attended English courses at Anderson House since 2010 and in 2018 successfully passed C2 Proficiency. He has an interest in intercultural issues and has co-presented intercultural workshops with Peter Anderson since 2016.


Daniela Airoldi is a student of Primary Education Science at the University of Bergamo. She has attended English courses at Anderson House since 2013 and in 2019 successfully passed C1 Advanced. She has an interest in culture, language, society and intercultural communication.

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