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CELTA Courses

Do you want to train to become an English teacher?

Would you like to get a recognised qualification from Cambridge English?


This course is for people with little or no formal training and gives a solid foundation in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

It is either full-time (4 weeks intensive) or part-time (6 months).

You need to be 18, have a high C1 level of English and a high school certificate. If you are not sure about your level of English, contact Anderson House for a placement test.


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DECEMBER 2021 UPDATE: Cambridge Assessment English are withdrawing the CELT-P and CELT-S qualifications from the market, so there won’t be any future courses.

CELT-P and CELT-S Courses

Are you a teacher at a state school or parificata?

Would you like to improve your teaching skills and classroom performance and get a recognised qualification from Cambridge English?


These courses are for teachers currently working in primary (learners aged 6-12) or secondary (11-18) education who would like to refresh and build their knowledge and skills to get the most from their students.


Each course helps teachers to create strategies for the key challenges of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in a primary/secondary school context, such as classroom management with large classes, developing learners’ listening and speaking abilities and motivating learners.


By the end of the CELT-P/CELT-S course, you will have worked on improving your classroom teaching, successfully delivering lessons according to the curriculum and applying your learning to classroom situations.

You need to have a B1 level of English or higher. If you are not sure of your level, contact Anderson House for a placement test.


These courses are year-long courses and run from September/October until May/June the following year.

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