Developing People Internationally for students

Wednesday 2 April 2014 – 16.30-18.30 – ISIS Quarenghi Viale Europa 27 Bergamo
Developing People Internationally: intercultural and team-building skills for students who will go on to work in international companies

In this workshop I will give an overview of the 9-modular DPI programme and present the first module: Getting to know the team. DPI was designed by York Associates for Henkel and Nestlé.
The objective of the course is to develop intercultural competence in 3 main areas: gain insights into culture and its impact on people, understand oneself and others, and develop communication skills to work effectively at an international level. Ultimately, it will give you the key competencies to manage difference, build trust and gain cooperation.
In the first unit, the subject is how to build rapport and understanding with people from other cultures.
In the introduction, we will explore the difference between ‘peach’ and ‘coconut’ cultures.
In the video session, we will see the differences in the team members’ behaviour and personality.
In the best practices, we will analyse the ‘Johari Window’ and its implications on building relationships.
Finally, we will do a task and assess our own personality: this activity can be used with your students.
Finally, we will decide on some behaviours we would like to change or develop.

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